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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays,that's what I say.I get so tired of people trying to be politically correct.Christmas is all about the Jesus Christ and we shouldn't be ashamed of that!Those who refuse to say Merry Christmas can offend others.Most importantly I'm sure it offends Jesus!Be careful He's listening!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I had a wonderful trip last Sunday when I sang for Jesus at Middleburg Baptist Church in Middleburg, N.C. It is always wonderful when I get an opportunity to sing for Jesus, and this Sunday was a real blessing. The Holy Spirit was evident throughout the service and another soul was saved! That's what the ministry the Lord has given me is all about for see another soul saved who will be going to Heaven!

I was invited to sing there by Cathy Hendrick, widow of John Hendrick who was the former President of Hendrick Motorsports. Cathy is the featured speaker at many churches where she shares her heartwarming story of faith in the midst of tragedy when her husband and twin daughters died in a plane crash in October, 2004.

Unfortunately, Cathy suffered a broken collarbone in a mountain bike accident lasts week and could not attend. Her sister-in-law, Linda Hendrick, graciously accepted to speak in Cathy's absence, and shared her touching story about her experience of faith in the death of her son, Ricky, who also died in the same tragedy.

Linda did such a good job in her speech, and I was so happy to finally meet her husband, Rick in person. They are such a sweet couple. Rick Hendrick is the owner of Hendrick Motorsports and is the brother of the late John Hendrick. That terrible plane wreck caused the death of Rick's brother, his 24 year old son Ricky, his twin nieces and several others.

A few years ago, I sang at the Hendrick museum in Charlotte during a Bible study they often have for the Hendrick Motorsports employees. After seeing the vast museum and other incredible facilities there at the Hendrick complex where the cars are built, my mom and I quickly became NASCAR fans. It was such a pleasure to meet Rick Hendrick, the man behind such a fantastic organization. He truly seemed like such a nice man, and we are rooting for a Hendrick team to win the Sprint Cup! Some day we hope to see a real live NASCAR race and meet Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin and Dale Junior in person.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I sang at the nursing home yesterdayand it was a blessing!When i sing to the residents there i usually look into thier eyes while i am singing.When i first start they are usually just staring out in space,then amazingly they look at me and begin to sing with me.They seem to come out of the trance that they were in.This is why it is such a blessing for me to sing with them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today my mom and brother went to hear Senator Demint speak at our town meeting here in S.C.. When they got to the meeting it was so packed out that they had to come back home without even hearing him.This proves how many people are up in arms about health care here in America!I wanted to go but I had to sing for the seniors today at my church.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last night I went to see the Whisnants in concert. They were great! For those of you who don't know them, they are a Southern Gospel group. A mother, father, two sons, piano player and tenor. They have wonderful harmony and really seem to love the Lord. I purchased their performance tracks and hope to use some of their songs to sing with.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i am so tired of people in this world not knowing what tourettes is!it makes it so hard for those who suffer with it!people, either read up or watch some is all over these resources.and if you do encounter someone with tourettes please, please. please be kind!!!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

If I had my way, the first thing I would do is change the laws on abortions throughout the land. I just can't believe how many abortions are performed in the world. Why doesn't the pro-life Christian community speak up? We've been silent for too long! I recently read about how many abortions are committed in China. From the BBC, they state there are 13 million abortions each year in China. The facts state China initiated a law in 1979 that limits the birth of 1 child to married couples. ( in about 35% of the population.) It says this law was written to alleviate social, economic and environmental problems in China. Is the U.S. heading this way? Statistics listed on the website of Center For Bio-ethical Reform, list a total of Worldwide abortions per year at approximately 42 million, or approximately 115,000 per day. They list approximately 1.37 million abortions per year in the U.S. and approximately 3700 each day in the U.S. What must God think of us? I wrote a song called, "Give Your Baby A Voice" that talks about abortion is not a choice. Those who think it is a choice are lying. Listen to my song on my website If you want a copy, I'll send it to you FREE as long as the supply lasts!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My mother is on Medicare. This new health bill in the House is scary for seniors. Bottom line, is the government (in their search for change and other things) going to eventually have a pill or shot to give an elderly person to end their life? Can you imagine how much health care spending can be saved if the government gets rid of the elderly health care costs? The purpose of the Health Care Bill is " ....To provide affordable quality health care for and reduce growth in health care spending and for other purposes...." What better way is there to reduce growth in health care?? The National Advance Planning & Compassionate Care Act of 2009 introduced by Senators Rockefeller, Collins, Kohl, Wyden & Carper in Section 251. National Center on Palliative and End-of-Life Care gives funding "for 1) developing and continuously updating a research agenda with the goals of a) better biomedical understanding of the end of life; and b) improvement in the quality of care and life at the end of life; and 2) funding peer-review-selected extra- and intra-mural reseaarch that includes evaluation of existing, and the development of new, palliative and end-of-life care interventions and approaches." Is the development of "new" a new way to end lives?

After that, then will the government look at abortions as saving health care costs by aborting any baby where the fetus shows signs of something wrong?

What do you think?

Monday, July 06, 2009


Many preachers today are saying that these are the last days before the Lord comes. I definately agree. Jack Van Impe, who is one of my favorite evangelists, is always talking about how the "signs of the times" are here. We've seen earthquakes, famines, pestilences, and lots of other signs, and I believe it won't be very much longer before the rapture takes place. So get ready to meet the Lord in the air! You really need to watch Jack Van Impe's TV programs to be able to understand that these are the last days. Check his website out at