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Monday, May 26, 2008


Traveling with the outrageous gas prices is getting ridiculous! Let me tell you what happened to me recently. I am a Christian singer and live near Myrtle Beach, SC. I have several places in Ohio where I am scheduled to sing. I never charge for singing because this ministry was given to me by God, and He provides for me. Most places take up a love offering and I sell my CD's to cover my expenses. There are times, though, that I do not make enough to cover expenses, so I have to be very careful and watch every cent.

Driving to Ohio from South Carolina by car takes close to 12 hours and then driving to the different cities where I am to sing would cost a small fortune with gas prices so high. So way back in February we did some internet price checks and finally found a reasonable flight for $245.00 round trip. We also found a real cheap rental car at $13.00 a day. Fortunately, my sister lives in Ohio, so I would not have to get a motel because I stay at their home. I was scheduled to fly on June 14th from Myrtle Beach, SC to Dayton, Ohio and return June 23rd. I thought everything was fine, until last week when I got an e-mail telling me the airline (Southern Skyways) would no longer be flying out of Myrtle Beach because of gas prices. My trip is only 3 weeks away!

It was panic time! I called the airline that cancelled me. They told me they made a a deal with Myrtle Beach Direct Air. We called them, but their June 14th flight was full. I checked other airlines and most tickets cost over $400.00 one way. So it was back to Myrtle Beach Direct Air. They had 2 seats availabe on a flight leaving June 12th. We got those at almost the same price, but we will have to leave 2 days earlier and must go to another airport (Columbus, Ohio), which is over an hour and one-half trip from where we will be staying in the Cincinnati area. (So that will cost more gas!)We were also charged extra for each piece of luggage checked, and then we had to change the car rental, which was much more expensive than our original car rental. We had to make changes there.

The moral of this story is when you think you have made plans with an airline, just remember, the airline can change anything at anytime! It appears gas prices are controlling and changing our lives!